Amazing Spider-Man, the World’s Greatest Superhero

Marvel Comics has many iconic heroes in its camp; Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, and The Thing are some of the most iconic heroes in all of comics.  One hero, however, stands above the rest in both heroism and popularity: The Amazing Spider-Man!

Over the last year, Spider-Man has been all over Marvel comics, from the all new Ultimate Spider-Man Mile Morales, to his inclusion in the all new FF (soon to be Fantastic Four once again), to the debut of new comics, including Venom and the just launched Avenging Spider-Man team-up book.

This February, Marvel will release Amazing Spider-Man #679, with an all new subtitle to go with its iconic title:

Image courtesy of iFanboy's February Solicitations Preview

With Marvel already teasing a new Spider-Event, Ends of the Earth, everyone’s favorite neighborhood wall-crawler is going to have a busy year!

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To be continued…