Comic Review: Avengers

This is my first review on TBC, so I’d like to start off by saying I am not current with every comic I read.  In some cases, I’m at least 4 issues behind an ongoing series, so some of the comic reviews I do will be slightly outdated when compared to other sites.  That being said, instead of reviewing every issue of a series I read, I’m going to focus mainly on stand out issues that really grab me with their quality.  Without further ado…

Avenger #20

This is the third part of the ongoing “Hammer War” story in which Norman Osborn has return, post-Dark Reign to regain the power he once had as leader of the Avengers.  With A.I.M., Hydra, and more at his disposal, the Avengers their work cut out.  With new Avengers Quake and Storm, and resurrected Avenger Vision now on the team, Captain America splits the team up to find HAMMER and shut them down.

Bendis handles the Avengers well in this issue, particularly Iron Man, Protector, Hawkeye and Spider-Woman.  A good deal of ground is covered in this one issue, dealing with the fallout from #19, the Avengers dispatched to their mission, and a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more.  Bendis has a strong voice for Norman Osborn, who has become one the premiere villains of the Marvel Universe over the last few years.  He has a great balance of confidence, arrogance, and intelligence that makes him likable in a way; it’s easy to see how others would be drawn to him.

Artwise, Danial Acuna provides a gritty atmosphere with a splash of color.  Emotions on characters faces are easily read, and staging of characters is believable and fluid.  It’s easy to get drawn into the story while it last.

All told, this is a solid issue of the Avengers.  I’ll definitely be checking out #21.  Hopefully Bendis and company can keep the quality going.

Andrew Mathieu